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3M Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope

The 3M Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope, one of the most recognized stethoscopes in the profession, features tunable diaphragms on both sides to deliver outstanding acoustic performance, diagnostic versatility, and convenience for treating adult and pediatric patients. The pediatric side of the chestpiece converts to a traditional open bell by removing the tunable diaphragm and replacing it with the included non-chill bell sleeve.

Product Highlights

  • Versatile, double-sided chestpiece for adult and pediatric auscultation.
  • Pediatric side converts to an open bell by replacing the diaphragm with a non-chill bell sleeve (included).
  • Tunable diaphragm: Hear high or low frequency sounds by slightly adjusting pressure on the chestpiece.
  • Dual-lumen tubing: Two sound paths in one tube eliminates the rubbing noise of traditional double tubes.
  • Headset is easily adjusted for individual fit and comfort. Angled eartubes align with ear canals.
  • 9 out of 10 aoustic performance rating.
  • 5 year warranty, made in the USA.

Engrave Your 3M Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope

Our personalized laser engraving services are available for the 3M Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope.

  • For a small fee, you can ensure your stethoscope is not lost or stolen.
  • Engravings are great for gifts, they do not void the warranty.
  • Laser engravings do not delay your order.
Product Specifications
Applications Cardiology/High Performance
Chestpiece Finish Machined Stainless Steel
Chestpiece Technology Double Sided
Diaphragm Diameter 1.7 Inch
Diaphragm Material Epoxy/Fiberglass
Diaphragm Type Tunable Diaphragm
Headset Material Wide diameter aerospace alloy / Anodized aluminum
Length 27 Inch
Net Weight (Metric) 180g
Occupation Anesthesiologist, Cardiologist, Emergency Physician, EMT/EMS, Family Practitioner, Internist, Medical Student, Nurse, Pediatrician, Physician, Respiratory Specialist
Performance Rating 9
Patient Adult, Pediatric
Small Diaphragm Diameter 1.3 Inch
Warranty Period 5 years
Anthony Gross | Rating: 5" />
I recently received this stethoscope and it works great. Very clear sounds and comfortable ear pieces. The best part was that it came in the mail 3 days early. I would recommend using to anyone.
Nancy Holmes | Rating: 5" />
I got the cardiology 3 stethoscope for my daughter we both love it, was very impressed with the quality and the promptness of receiving our item in a timely matter would recommend this site to anyone
Jessica D. | Rating: 5" />
Shipping was incredibly fast! I am a nursing student and was given a cheap stethoscope and knew i needed better so i purchased the Littmann Cardiology III and am very pleased with the clarity of the sounds and the comfort of the ear pieces. Love it!!!
Janice MD | Rating: 5" />
Rapid shipping and the Littmann Cardioloy III is the best. It is a replacement for one I purchased over 10 years ago so I know the quality is unsurpassed.
Lindsey braden | Rating: 5" />
Received this item super fast after ordering, even with the additional engraving. Love that you can customize and generally love the product overall. Has really helped me hear heart sounds more clearly and I would highly recommend!
Nurse Marissa | Rating: 5" />
In just two days my purchase arrived and I could not have been more excited to open the box. As a Nursing student I kept hearing professors and upper classmen recommend both this model scope and this website. The engraving and the color is true to the site. I am absolutely in love with my new scope.
Deborah | Rating: 5" />
I could not believe the speed of receiving my stethoscope from shopping to shipment. I was able to be using it in days and I am so pleased with the quality, look and sound.
Aryn | Rating: 5" />
Absolutely love my new Cardiology III Stethoscope in turquoise with smoky black bell! The engraving looks nice and makes me hopeful the doctor might not walk off with this one!
Tania | Rating: 5" />
I got it as a gift and it came super fast. Love the color and everything about it!! :) Definitely recommend this site!!!
Alayna Franklin | Rating: 5" />
Looks amazing and sounds great! You can't go wrong with the Littmann Cardiology III! Shipping was fast too!
Amanda french | Rating: 5" />
Absolutely love it!! Excellent acoustic quality, the color was perfect and I love the engraving!!!
Sandra Ross | Rating: 5" />
I could hear breath sounds CLEARLY, even through clothes! it was very exciting to actually be able to hear what I needed to hear, and hear it ever so clearly. This is a wonderful stethoscope, I highly recommend and will never let it out of my sight! sound quality is amazing and perfect for a bedside/floor nurse, or in my case perfect for a nursing student. Love the colors.
Angela | Rating: 5" />
Love my stethoscope. Easy ordering and great turnaround time! Engraving is great too. Thank you!!
Wayner | Rating: 5" />
Absolutely the best stethoscopes out there on the market ... It's very high quality and very gentle to your ears when using.. Make your next one a Littmann and you'll never want anything else.. Thank-you for making a great product!!
Casi Bilyeu | Rating: 5" />
This is my second Littmann stethoscope. I ordered this one on the recommendation of many coworkers and i love it! It's lightweight and easy to hear heart and lung sounds. Plus the color is beautiful! Very happy!
Stacy Rowlett | Rating: 5" />
Love this stethoscope. The colors are so unique and was able to get FREE engraving so now I don't have to worry about anyone stealing it! Can't wait to use it in my first job as an RN!
Cardiac RN | Rating: 5" />
Light weight, ear plugs block out surrounding noise, making auscultation clear and distinct. Great product, I would recommend!
Roxy | Rating: 5" />
People have given me compliments about the bright tubing color and smoke finish. I've been using a Littmann Cardiology III for 8 years and I won't use another model. It is loud and allows me to be confident in my assessment.
Marie | Rating: 5" />
This is a great stethoscope with excellent acoustics, I love it. Also glad to help the American cancer society!
Heather Elliott DeMars | Rating: 5" />
The Littmann Cardiology III is excellent! I got my stethoscope very fast and it was exactly what I ordered -- including the engraving.

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