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Heine Beta 200 Diagnostic Set, with 3.5v Rechargeable Handle, Zipper Case

Beta 200 Ophthalmoscope head
Beta 200 Fibre Optic Otoscope head

  • Set of 4 re-usable specula
  • 10 Disposable specula
  • Spare bulbs
  • Zipper storage case
  • 3.5v NICD rechargeable handle
  • Lens Range: -35 D to +20 D



  • Beta 200 The Professionals choice
  • Gullstrand Optical system
  • Wide range of apertures and lenses
  • Apertures include Cobalt blue, target, semi-circle, slit lamp, large and small spot
  • Separate red-free filter
  • Dust-proof, maintenance free
  • Brow rest
  • Aluminium frame and ABS casing


  • Matt chrome finish
  • Brass construction for strength
  • Fibre Optic illumination
  • 3x magnification viewing window
  • Air-tight for pneumatic testing
  • New Xenon illumination

Rechargeable Handle

  • Heine modular handle system
  • Knurled for grip
  • Rheostat brightness control
  • Heine Auto-Lock connector system


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