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Heine Kappa/Beta Combination Diagnostic Set combines the highest quality of the Beta Opthalmoscope with the economy of the Kappa Otoscope.

Beta 200 Opthalmoscope

The patented Aspherical Optical System incorporated into the design of the BETA 200 represents the single biggest breakthrough in direct Ophthalmoscopy since coaxial optics was introduced more than 20 years ago. The separation of illumination and observation beam by means of the Aspherical Optical System avoids Corneal and Iris reflex (Gullstrand-principle). The BETA 200 allows you to view the world of the illuminated section of the retina even with a small pupil. Conventional Ophthalmoscopes often let you see only part of this illuminated section.

  • BETA 200 Ophthalmoscope, the world's only Corneal Glare-free Direct Ophthalmoscope.
  • Corneal and Iris reflex is effectively eliminated. A full fundus view is guaranteed even with small pupils
  • Ergonomic design fits comfortably into the orbita
  • 28 Diopter selection
  • 5 apertures: Slit, Cobalt Blue filter, Red Free filter, Large spot & small spot
  • Precision glass optics provide clear view of Fundus
  • 3.5V Illumination
  • 100% Dustproof housing
  • Maintenance-free operation guaranteed for the lifetime of the instrument

Kappa Otoscope

  • Distal Fiber Optic illumination with NEW Heine 3.5V XHL-Xenon bulb
  • Large diameter, no-scratch glass viewing window with 3X magnification
  • Airtight seal with integrated insufflation port
  • mpact resistant polycarbonate housing and construction

3.5 Volt Handle

  • Recharges by plugging into wall or can be converted for use with C cell Batteries

Set also Includes Zipper Case and 4 Reusable Otoscope Speculum

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