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There's no question that hand-held audiometers are important screening tools. Welch Allyn's AM282 Manual Audiometer brings audiometric testing capabilities to a new level -- affordably.


  • Allows quantifying hearing loss related to otitis media, ototoxic drugs, presbycusis, or any of the many factors that affect hearing.
  • Obtains the precise threshold of patients' hearing to better identify specific patterns of hearing loss.
  • Enables testing in a full range of frequencies and intensity levels with steady, frequency-modulated, and pulsed stimulus modes.
  • Test frequency values are easily visible at the dial.
  • Displays HL levels in large, easy-to-see numbers on the LCD.
  • Silent-functioning front panel controls prevent patient cueing; removable cover functions as a screen between the operator and subject.
  • Sleek, ergonomic design for easy room-to-room portability; takes up minimal counter space.
  • Microprocessor-based technology assures years of dependable service.

Key Components:

  • AM282 Manual Audiometer, Only
  • Replacement Headset (THD 39) (Calibration with unit required)
  • AM282 Transformer Only
  • Audiogram form (1 pad of 50, 10 pads per case)

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