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3M Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope

The 3M Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope is characterized by the best acoustic response in the Littmann mechanical stethoscope line; with a tunable diaphragm, dual-lumen tubing, and a precision, ergonomically designed, stainless steel chestpiece.

The Master Cardiology Stethoscope features tunable diaphragm technology—a 3M invention—that lets clinicians hear different frequency sounds by simply adjusting the pressure on the chestpiece. Unlike two-sided models, there’s no need to turn over and reposition the chestpiece. Hold the chestpiece with light pressure to hear low frequency sounds; press a little more to hear higher frequency sounds. This time-saving feature allows the healthcare provider to focus on the patient, while the non-chill rim provides patient comfort.

Stethoscope Highlights

  • Outstanding acoustics, the highest in Littmann mechanical stethoscopes.
  • Tunable diaphragm: Hear high or low frequency sounds by slightly adjusting pressure on the chestpiece.
  • Dual-lumen tubing: Two sound paths in one tube eliminates the rubbing noise of traditional double tubes.
  • Headset is easily adjusted for individual fit and comfort. Angled eartubes align with ear canals.
  • Includes Special Procedures Adaptor for pediatric or neonatal auscultation.
  • 10 out of 10 acoustic performance rating.
  • 7 year warranty, made in the USA.

Laser Engraving Services

Our professional laser engraving services are avaiable on the Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope. Laser engravings are performed in-house, and do not delay your order (unlike most of our competitors). Orders placed before 2PM EST Monday - Friday ship the same-day. To learn more about our inudstry leading laser engraving services, click here.


Product Specifications
Applications Cardiology/High Performance
Chestpiece Finish Polished Stainless Steel
Chestpiece Technology Single sided
Diaphragm Diameter 1.75 Inch
Diaphragm Material Epoxy/Fiberglass
Diaphragm Type Tunable Diaphragm
Eartip Type Soft Sealing
Headset Material Wide diameter aerospace alloy / Anodized aluminum
Length 27 Inch
Net Weight (Metric) 185g
Occupation Anesthesiologist, Cardiologist, Emergency Physician, EMT/EMS, Family Practitioner, Internist, Medical Student, Nurse, Pediatrician, Physician, Respiratory Specialist
Performance Rating 10
Patient Adult, Infant, Pediatric
Warranty Period 7 years

Reviews (111)

Liz Fischer | Rating: 5" />
Very impressed with how quickly we received the stethoscope even with engraving. It arrived very quickly and looks beautiful. It is a gift for our daughter who just got accepted to a medscbool, she will be thrilled with its quality.
Peter Smith | Rating: 5" />
I replaced my old broken Master Cardiology with a Littmann electronic stethoscope and used it for about a year. After a year I just had to go back to the Master Cardiology. Although the volume cannot be adjusted, the Master Cardiology sounds crisper and the heart sounds more clear. Great stethoscope! The purchase was easy and it arrived in a couple days. Great service.
Virginia Downey | Rating: 5" />
I have been using Littman stethoscopes for five decades, advancing in detail as my career and expertise advanced. I am thrilled to now have a Master Cardiology stethoscope which I use in my practice as a nurse practitioner. There is great definition of heart sounds which even older ears can appreciate. The engraving is subtle and perfect and color is very true to the picture! All arrived in time frame given. Very pleased!
Elena | Rating: 5" />
Very well made, high quality stethoscope. I will highly recommend it to other medical professionals who needs accuracy of auscultation. Delivery was quick. Engraving is beautiful and without any mistakes.
Steven Wasson | Rating: 5" />
As a critical care respiratory therapist, a high quality stethoscope is priceless. I love my master cardiology Litman. The price is excellent, the color and engraving perfect, and it arrived a day ahead of schedule. I have no compliants
David | Rating: 5" />
The service was absolutely excellent! My stethoscope came very fast and the quality is amazing. The engraving is beautiful and I couldn’t be happier.
Natalie | Rating: 5" />
Excellent quality. My cardiology stethoscope arrived sooner than I expected. It feels light but solid like a stethoscope should. Heart sounds sound clear and it doesn't take much effort to hear the nuances of what I should be hearing when I listen. I'm on teaching staff and have noticed medical students can always hear heart sounds with my stethoscope if they are unsure when they are listening to with their own device. I misplaced my last stethoscope after owning it for several years and this was a replacement 'scope. I really love this stethoscope.
Paula Schlesinger | Rating: 5" />
A beautiful, personalized piece of equipment at a fraction of the price anywhere else. Ordering was easy and I received my stethescope in less than a week after ordering! Comes complete with extra ear pieces and special procedures adapter. I've wanted a Master Cardiologist for years and was finally able to afford one thanks to MyStethescope pricing. Functionality lives up to its reputation with super acoustics and the engraving will ensure that if it does grow legs it will be easy to bring home :). .
Paula | Rating: 5" />
I've wanted a Littmann Master Cardiology for years and could never afford one until I found MyStethescope pricing. A fraction of the cost anywhere else! I received my stethescope in less than a week after ordering and it certainly lives up to its reputation. A beautifully crafted instrument with super acoustics. And, the engraving will ensure that if it does grow legs it should be able to find its way home easily.
Jessica | Rating: 5" />
This is the best price I found online through a website I trusted and the laser engraving looks perfect. I upgraded from a Littman Classic III and it took some getting used to as far as the amount of pressure to use when auscultating, but it is a great stethoscope.
Cynthia Hopper | Rating: 5" />
I purchased the Cardiologist Littmann Master stethoscope as a gift for my daughter soon to graduate with her BSN. The product was received sooner than expected. The engraving on the stethoscope was exactly as ordered. The color is perfect. The ordering process was easy. Thanks!
David Shreckengost | Rating: 5" />
The service was absolutely excellent! My stethoscope came very quickly and the quality is perfect! The engraving is beautiful and I couldn’t be happier. Will definitely recommend to other medical professionals.
Debra Gibby | Rating: 5" />
Ordering from MyStethoscope was so simple, online chat anaswered any questins I had, the product I purchased 9the Cardiologist Littmann Master stethoscope) is exactly what I wanted, and the color/finish options are great. I recieved my order within the time promised. Debbie
Matt | Rating: 5" />
I am a new nursing student and couldn't make out much - including Korotkoff sounds - with my issued stethoscope, which cost about $45. That one worked as well as an old Sprague that I got for $15 to use in taking my own blood pressure. For $200 the Master Cardiology is a great deal and worth every penny. On my first attempt at heart and lung sounds I could hear everything that an untrained ear could possibly hear, loud and clear. I was especially impressed with ow clear the heart sounds were. I paid $10 for engraving because I heard that people will walk off with your stethoscope if they get the chance. The print is tiny and hard to read. It will be useful if you need to prove it is yours, but don't expect it to be fancy.
Giavonne Rondo Hillman | Rating: 5" />
Finally rewarded myself with a "professional" stethoscope after 15 years of practice. Beautiful color, nicely engraved, great sounds and fits nicely in my coat.
Matt Fykes | Rating: 5" />
Very high quality instrument. Very fast shipping and the engraving was excellent.
Gertrude Figueroa | Rating: 5" />
Really great stethoscope!! Can't go wrong with a Littmann. Especially in my line of work, this is a great tool to have when listening to patients. Very good quality and worth the investment.
James Allen | Rating: 5" />
After all these years of using a hand-me-down Master Cardiology Scope...I finally have my own...smokey finish beauty! Even had it engraved so it's less likely to walk away in the E.R. I love it! Thank you for the finish options.
Lizz Castellano | Rating: 5" />
Absolutely thrilled with this stethescope - the acoustics are excellent and the engraving was done so well! Also this company shipped my order the same day and I received it two days later!!! Overall I'd absolutely recommend and I'm very impressed!
Lynn Sarao | Rating: 5" />
I am writing to say what a fantastic Stethscope the Master Cardiology is! 27 in tubing is light wt., and the ingraving is awesome. It took 2 days to get here!!! I am very happy with it.

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