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27 inch  Binaural Assembly for Littmann Master Cardiology, Cardiology III, Cardiology IV  and Cardiology S.T.C. Stethoscopes.

Reviews (16)

Ameneh Lambert | Rating: 5" />
I was amazed by how easy I replaced it. Excellent quality. Will use again. Highly recommend.
Janeen Brady | Rating: 5" />
My original tubing had cracked, so I thought I was going to have to buy an entire new Master Cardiology stethoscope. Tried the replacement tubing instead and it is just like new.
Angela R | Rating: 5" />
Perfect color. Pulled the old tube off a popped the new one on. Very happy with the promptness of delivery too.
Garth Brown | Rating: 5" />
I am very pleased with my purchase. The replacement tubing is top quality and the colors I chose look great. It is nice to have my Master Cardiology scope back up and working so well. Delivery time was shorter than expected, a definite plus. Very happy with overall experience.
Anastasia Long | Rating: 5" />
Very happy with this product! My old stethoscope tubing had gotten so hard and started cracking. Rather than order a whole new stethoscope, I ordered just this tubing. I was able to take off the bell of my old stethoscope and pop it in the new tubing - just like new! Works great, sounds great!
Jordan | Rating: 5" />
Great product! Shipped fast, simple to install and works very well. It is just like the original.
Angela R | Rating: 5" />
Perfect color. Pulled the old tube off a popped the new one on. Very happy with the promptness of delivery too.
Michael Horwath | Rating: 5" />
I have used replacement tubes before and they do not compare. The sound quality is great and I really noticed an improvement after switching from my previous set. My only somewhat negative comment is that this style tube only comes in a limited number of colors. Still, great product.
Angela R | Rating: 5" />
Perfect color. Popped the old tube off and the new one on. Thank you for the quick delivery.
Cindy | Rating: 5" />
Replacement tubing for Master Cardiology. Arrived quickly. Comes with the standard soft grey ear pieces. Plum color looks good.
Kim CNP | Rating: 5" />
Very happy with the quality of this product. I needed the replacement quickly and the service and shipping was great.
Craig Cole | Rating: 5" />
Just like a brand new stethoscope. I just pulled off Littmann head and put it the tubing, I could hear again!
April L. | Rating: 5" />
I'll echo what others have said - great price, great replacement Littmann tubing & received it quickly. No complaints here! :)
Donna Reeves | Rating: 5" />
Loved the color and quality.
Brittany Benson | Rating: 5" />
I needed to replace my Littmann tubing quickly. The shipping was very fast from this site! High quality product at a competitive price!
Brian W. | Rating: 5" />
Exactly what I was looking for. Could not find this on any other sites I looked at. Shipping was fast and product is exactly what I needed. This is a great go to website and prices are excellent.

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