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The Harvey DLX Stethoscope is our most prestigious and durable model with dual-lumen PVC tubing, brass chestpieces and binaurals, and triple-leaf binaural springs.

  • Optimized for listening to higher frequency and critically important heart sounds like murmurs, clicks, and ejection sounds.
  • Provides clear transmission of the first and second heart sounds.
  • Ideally sized bell bridges intercostal space between the ribs.
  • Tightly constrained diaphragm provides superior response at targeted frequencies.
  • Additional corrugated diaphragm for detecting mid-range and lower frequencies.
  • 28" Length
  • Binaural/Spring Assembly
  • Flat Diaphragm
  • Corrugated Diaphragm Only
  • Name Tag
  • Hard Eartips, Large
  • Comfort Sealing Eartips


Product Specifications
Applications Cardiology/High Performance
Chestpiece Finish Chrome-plated brass
Chestpiece Technology Tripple Sided
Diaphragm Diameter 1.9 Inch
Diaphragm Material Polycarbonate
Diaphragm Type Corrugated
Eartip Type Soft/Hard
Length 28 Inch
Occupation Cardiologist
Patient Adult
Warranty Period 5 years

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