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  • 3.5V Coaxial Ophthalmoscope with patented coaxial optics offering a greater field of view, shadow free spot, and easier entry into the patient's pupil. Special polarizing filter reduces corneal reflection by 99%.
  • The 3.5v MacroView(TM) Otoscope with throat illuminator provides 30% more magnification and twice the field of view of traditional otoscopes, along with the ability to adjust the focus.
  • 3.5v Direct plug in handle, with chrome-plated brass knurled finish, features a long-lasting rechargeable NiCad battery.
  • Handle accepts all Welch Allyn 3.5V heads.

Key Components:

  • 3.5v Coaxial Ophthalmoscope (Head Only).
  • 3.5v Halogen Lamp.
  • 3.5v MacroView Otoscope/Throat Illuminator with Specula (Head Only).
  • Nasal Illuminator Section Only.
  • Replacement NiCad Rechargeable Battery (Orange) for 71000-A / 71000-C.
  • Hard Case for 3.5v Set.
  • 3.5v Direct Plug-in Rechargeable Handle.

Performing a physical diagnosis is easier with Welch Allyn's medical diagnostic instruments featuring our exclusive Halogen HPX lamps that provide brighter, whiter light than standard halogen lamps for true tissue color and long-lasting illumination. Built for durability, ease-of-use and comfort, these instruments will provide you with lasting satisfaction.

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