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Welch Allyn laryngoscopes are the smart choice for superior performance, value, and service. Welch Allyn engineers, have responded to customers suggestions with a unique laryngoscope design that is stronger, safer, upgradeable and lower cost over the life of the instrument. In an ongoing effort to meet or exceed customer requirements, they adhere to the fundamental principle that "form follows function." In doing so, Welch Allyn laryngoscopes have evolved design features that cannot be found in any other brand.


  • Welch Allyn laryngoscope's single-piece stainless steel construction ensures blade integrity
  • Laryngoscope comes with a removable light pipe and smooth surface design
  • Welch Allyn provides free repolishing service

Key Components:

  • English MacIntosh Laryngoscope Blade, Size 1
  • English MacIntosh Laryngoscope Blade, Size 2
  • English MacIntosh Laryngoscope Blade, Size 3
  • English MacIntosh Laryngoscope Blade, Size 4
  • Lightweight "C" Size Handle
  • Lightweight "AA" Size Handle
  • Standard Case for English MacIntosh Set

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