Know the signs of a counterfeit stethoscope.

Identifying a counterfeit Littmann stethoscope is not always an easy task. That is why it is very important to know what to look for when shopping for your next stethoscope. There are a number of warning signs to be wary of, we have listed some of the most common signs to keep a lookout for. 

Warning Sign #1 - A Limited Selection.

3M Littmann Authorized Dealers supply a broad range of 3M Littmann stethoscope, including different models with a wide range of special finishes and tubing colors.  

Warning Sign #2 - Counterfeiters appears on e-commerce platforms for a short time. 

Pop up websites selling counterfeit Littmann stethoscopes typically have no reviews. It also means that there probably isn't much information available on the seller. For example, do they have a company address listed? Do they have a phone number listed? Do they answer customer emails? 3M Littmann Authorized Dealers are knowledgeable and helpful. They'll be responsive and help guide you to find the right Littmann stethoscope model for your current or future career. 

Warning Sign #3 - Counterfeiters rely on deals, speed and often omit markings or misspell words. 

If the price is "too good to be true", odds are it's probably counterfeit. 3M Littmann takes price in creating high-performance stethoscopes with outstanding acoustics. This craftsmanship takes time and has value, finding a substantial discount should be a red flag. 

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