Many medical professionals do not realize the benefits of having their stethoscope laser engraved. How many of you have ever lost or had your stethoscope stolen while on the job? A quality stethoscope is not cheap these days, losing a Littmann will set you back a few hundred bucks! 

Engraving a stethoscope reduces the probability of theft. In addition, the engraving allows for ease of identification and return if lost and found by a co-worker. The engravings performed by are permanent and will not rub off after long term use. The secret to the longevity of the engraving is due to our technology. We professionally laser engrave the stethoscope head. We engrave the stethoscope head because it’s the most valuable part of the stethoscope — we do not engrave the tubing like many of our competitors. The engraving creates a permanent mark that does not damage or void the warranty of your stethoscope. performs all of our laser engravings (which exception of Ultrascope) in-house. This allows us to engrave and ship your stethoscope the same-day or within 24 hours!

For a small fee of $9.99, will engrave any newly purchased stethoscope. Most medical professionals choose to engrave their name or initials. We currently engrave most Welch AllynUltrascope and Littmann Stethoscopes. Samples of our work are available via the following Stethoscope Engravings link.