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Heine Stethoscopes

Heine Stethoscopes are known for their precision, quality, durability and overall value. Heine has been designing and manufacturing the highest quality diagnostic instruments since 1946, they are a top pick amongst medical professionals across the globe.

Heine GAMMA 3.1 Pulse Stethoscope
Model: M-000.09.941
Introducing the Heine GAMMA 3.1 Pulse Stethoscope Model M-000.09.941, ideal for blood-pressure measurement. Stethoscope with solid flat chest piece. The chest piece can be easily inserted under the sphygmomanometer cuff. High-quality membrane, 44mm dia. Single-tube construction with excell..
$54.99 $65.10
Heine GAMMA 3.2 Acoustic Adult Stethoscope
Sale Out Of Stock
Model: M-000.09.942
Introducing the Heine GAMMA 3.2 Acoustic Adult Stethoscope Model M-000.09.942, excellent acoustic performance. Technical data as GAMMA 3.1, but with a double chest piece. Combined double chest piece with two different frequency ranges to choose from: A high-quality membrane on one side and ..
$69.99 $79.40
Heine GAMMA 3.3 Acoustic Pediatric Stethoscope
Model: M-000.09.943
Introducing the Heine GAMMA 3.3 Acoustic Pediatric Stethoscope Model M-000.09.943, best for the examination of children. Technical data as GAMMA 3.2, but has reduced contact area of 31 mm which makes GAMMA 3.3 ideal for examining children...
$69.99 $79.40
Heine GAMMA C3 Cardiology Stethoscope
Sale Ships Free
Model: M-000.09.944
Introducing the Heine GAMMA C3 Cardiology Stethoscope Model M-000.09.944, Ideal for cardiology. Exceptional acoustic performance, particularly in the cardiac frequency range. Combined double chest-piece with two different frequency ranges. Instant selection of a double membrane on one side o..
$189.99 $230.60
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