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The 3M Littmann Cardiology IV Stethoscope is the next generation of one of the most recognized stethoscopes in the profession, offering improved acoustic performance with better audibility of high-frequency sounds (adult side, firm pressure). Its distinctive chalice-shaped chestpiece features tunable diaphragms on both sides to deliver outstanding acoustic performance, diagnostic versatility, and convenience for treating adult and pediatric patients. The pediatric side of the chestpiece converts to a traditional open bell by removing the tunable diaphragm and replacing it with the included non-chill bell sleeve.

The Cardiology IV stethoscope isn’t just for cardiologists. It is used by specialists and general practice physicians, critical care nurses, EMTs, medical students, and other healthcare professionals to identify, listen to, and study cardiac, lung, and other body sounds in adult and pediatric patients.

Stethoscope Highlights

  • Outstanding acoustics with better audibility of high-frequency sounds (adult side, firm pressure).
  • Tunable diaphragm: Hear high or low frequency sounds by slightly adjusting pressure on the chestpiece.
  • Dual-lumen tubing: Two sound paths in one tube eliminates the rubbing noise of traditional double tubes.
  • Next-generation tubing lasts longer and resists stains. Not made with natural rubber latex or phthalate plasticizers.
  • Headset is easily adjusted for individual fit and comfort. Angled eartubes align with ear canals.
  • 9 out of 10 acoustic performance rating.
  • 7 year warranty, made in the USA.

Built to Hear More

Sturdy and refined, the Littmann Cardiology IV helps isolate subtle sounds2 so you can hear changes in your patients in the most critical and challenging environments. Designed to help you listen for hard-to-hear sounds, including aortic stenosis, S3 gallop murmurs and faint pulmonary anomalies.

Suggested Applications

Useful in critical care and challenging environments such as the ED, ICU, Cardiac ICU, step-down unit and other dynamic locations.

Laser Engraving Services

Our professional laser engraving services are available on the Littmann Cardiology IV Stethoscope. Laser engravings are performed in-house, and do not delay your order (unlike most of our competitors). Orders placed before 2PM EST Monday - Friday ship the same-day. To learn more about our industry leading laser engraving services, click here.

Authenticity Matters is 3M Littmann Authorized Dealer.


Product Specifications
Applications Cardiology/High Performance
Chestpiece Finish Machined Stainless Steel
Chestpiece Technology Double Sided
Diaphragm Diameter 1.7 Inch
Diaphragm Material Epoxy/Fiberglass
Diaphragm Type Tunable Diaphragm
Eartip Type Soft Sealing
Headset Material Wide diameter aerospace alloy / Anodized aluminum
Length 27 Inch
Net Weight (Metric) 167g
Occupation Anesthesiologist, Cardiologist, Emergency Physician, EMT/EMS, Family Practitioner, Internist, Medical Student, Nurse, Pediatrician, Physician, Respiratory Specialist
Performance Rating 9
Patient Adult, Pediatric
Small Diaphragm Diameter 1.3 Inch
Warranty Period 7 years

Reviews (274)

Marie | Rating: 5" />
I purchase this for my son who just graduated nursing school. He loves it. I would definitely recommend your site to others and I would definitely order from you again. Thank you
Elizabeth | Rating: 5" />
I bought the Littmann Cardiology IV stethoscope as a graduation present for an employee of mine who was accepted into Veterinary Medical School. I chose this model because the veterinarians in our practice think it's the best stethoscope for an amazing career of caring for furry family members. She was home on break and came to work with the vets and to put her new stethoscope to good use. She loved it! The engraving was an absolutely perfect finishing touch. The quality is excellent, the price is awesome, and the stethoscope--well, she'll love wearing it every day!!
Brandon Washington | Rating: 5" />
I love every bit of this purchase. The entire process was super simple. I think the best part about it was how inexpensive it was even with the engraving. Great quality product.
Daniel | Rating: 5" />
Perfect !!! Got this for my daughter for graduation from nursing school ! Couldn’t of been a better gift !
Liz Thompson | Rating: 5" />
Bought this as a gift for a friend just starting nursing school, as im an RN and already have one. Great quality! Littman is brand I can trust!
Mikki | Rating: 5" />
I bought this for my daughter. She has recently become a licensed EMT and is in college to be an RN. Quality is excellent, engraving is perfect, shipping was extremely fast!!!
Maylee | Rating: 5" />
I’m a former nursing student. I had a cheap stethoscope
John Soto | Rating: 5" />
Absolutely wonderful stethoscope! I purchased this one because I lost my previous Classic III during a VERY hectic weekend at work and couldn't find the one I had wanted in my color for the Classic III again but they had it on this one. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed in the slightest with this purchase. the strength of the drum on this stethoscope is incredible. I can hear a patients Blood Pressure so loudly you would think it was my own I was listening to. The clearness of the sound of lungs is impeccable. I can hear rales from a mile away on this stethoscope. Absolutely one of the best purchases I have made in regards to stethoscopes!
Kaydee Bork | Rating: 5" />
Product came quickly and well packaged. Exceptional quality. Beautiful piece of equipment.
Mitchell Johnson | Rating: 5" />
I bought the Littman Cardiology IV stethoscope for my son as a gift. It arrived in 3 days which was a day earlier than initially expected. It's of course a very high quality stethoscope as Littman has made since long before I personally was in medical school Now my son gets to benefit from this instrument as well.
Bea Domenichella | Rating: 5" />
I purchased the Cardiology IV as a gift to myself for becoming an FNP. Was time to replace the trusted Littman my husband had given me years ago ( that I loved!) The sound quality is excellent, I can believe what I have been missing. I placed the order on a Wednesday and it arrived, engraved on Saturday !!! Will definitely spread the word about the great service from !!!!
Penny | Rating: 5" />
Received my Littmann 6155 a few days ago! I’m hard of hearing, and was unaware of this option in the beginning of my nursing endeavors, and thought I’d need to purchase a separate amplifier.. I am happy to say that, I no longer believe that is needed. I am capable of hearing my aortic heart sound (which was nearly impossible before) & can hear lung sounds clearly (as well as mitral sound). I knew that upon graduation, I’d need to get something that I could rely on and not second guess myself or feel the need to confirm with a colleague. I am super thrilled to use my new Littmann on my first actual clinical day (second to last term) & carry it with me everyday from here on out! Only thing that could make this product better, is having two of them! Also, I chose to engrave mine with first initial & last name (highly recommend only first or last initial for mental health caregivers) &, love the look!
Brent Saxton | Rating: 5" />
I received my stethoscope days earlier than I expected. It is everything that I hoped it would be and the engraving is perfect. I am a nursing student and with the school issued stethoscope I felt like I couldn't hear a thing. My Littmann has changed that. Super happy with this purchase and the speed with which I received my item.
Andres Sceglio | Rating: 5" />
Ordering was easy and delivery fast. I purchase the stethoscope for my girlfriend who is a RN and studying to be a NP. She is very please with this product , She started using it rite away. It was a good purchase and a good decision to get the Litmann cardiology IV . Do not attempt or try to get a Litmann through Amazon . Sometimes they would send you a false or fake item.
Janna Hoque | Rating: 5" />
Love littman stethoscopes. Exactly what I wanted. Engraving is professional looking. Best price I could find with engraving.
Jeffery Dockery | Rating: 5" />
Very nice stethoscope. I have used the cardiology 3 for many years and the IV appears to be an excellent new addition.
Frank | Rating: 5" />
It was a pretty quick delivery. Excellent quality. I am very pleased to have made this purchase.
Dayna | Rating: 5" />
Very pleased - shipped faster than I expected and great quality!
Makenna | Rating: 5" />
I had been using a Littman Classic III stethoscope for the past almost four years. I graduated this month from my RN-BSN program and decided I wanted a personalized stethoscope and decided to treat myself; I am so glad I did! This raspberry color is the closest to a bright purple available. I love the smoke stem and the polished rainbow finish; very cute and feminine yet still professional. The sound quality is an improvement over my Classic III. The engraving was perfect; however , I wish more characters were allowed. I received this item within six days of ordering, so no complaints considering it is engraved and the guaranteed delivery was that day.
Betty Lynn Andrews | Rating: 5" />
Purchased as a gift for my Nurse daughter. She loved it!! Excellent quality, shipped fast. I had her name engraved. There was no option to select font. I included instructions to use a script font or a pretty font. It was script but is so small, you can hardly read it. She's happy and her name is there. Good enough! Thank you!

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